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Seeking knitting export garment processing plants around Tianjin, small and medium orders

Baodi District has the largest number of garment processing plants, and the price will be cheaper than that in Tianjin urban area.

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"Tianjin small garment processing factory is expected to accept the kind of small batch order processing. Our company has long-term orders for work clothes and tooling. We hope to cooperate for a long time!" I have an independent master of plate making and sample making, who specializes in plate making and sample making for each clothing company, and several workers specialize in making various small orders, ship samples, sales samples, etc.

"Looking for knitting export garment processing plants around Tianjin, small and medium orders" I think our factory is suitable for your requirements Q "1847993327

I'm from Zunyi, Guizhou Province. I have opened a knitting processing factory. I hope I can do something for you. QQ435483811 We are a powerful knitting factory and hope to become a partner. QQ: 35950568 "Is there a factory in Wuqing Development Zone of Tianjin for garment production and processing?" 9. Tianjin Xinhao Knitted Garment Co., Ltd. (Chagugang Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin) 10. Tianjin Wuqing County Nancai Village Nanshang Village Garment Factory (Nancai Village Nanshang Village) 11. Tianjin Wuqing County Jinxing Leather Garment Factory (west of Beizheng Village, Yangcun Town) 12. Tianjin Wuqing County Foreign Trade Garment Company (Xuguantun Township Kongguantun) 13. Tianjin

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"For small orders of 10-100 pieces, small garment processing plants in Tianjin are required to be able to make patterns, fine workmanship and fair prices". The non Tianjin Kebuhong Garment Factory was founded in 2006, with a total area of 220 square meters, complete equipment, and a Japanese family workshop model, which greatly reduced production costs and has five employees. The company is mainly specialized in proofing, plate making, production of ordinary woven thin clothing, jackets, windbreaker, casual shirts and other products, with an annual output of 30000 pieces

"Who knows what small garment processing plants are in Tianjin?" Heiniucheng Road, Wenzhou City, Hebei Province. There are many.

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