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How about Aokang men's wear

"Is Aokang Men's Wear a Brand?" No. Aokang Men's Wear is a brand owned by Aokang. Aokang started to make men's wear in 2001, not OEM. Aokang Men's Wear Flagship Store sells T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and other products of the brand online. The original meaning of OEM is that a business places an order for production, and then pastes its brand, which is the product of another business.

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"When did Aokang make men's clothing" provide perfect brand services to enable users to shop with peace of mind on the premise of constantly improving the quality of brand products in the operation; Aokang Men's flagship store is set up on a comprehensive shopping platform. The platform itself has many brand merchants. As one of the platform brand online stores, the brands sold by the store rely on their product quality, cost performance, product services

"How about the clothes of Aokang brand (where is the quality of Aokang leather shoes)?" The quality is good, and how about the quality of Aokang leather shoes. Generally, the main part is leather, which is similar to paper. The annual output value of the enterprise is more than 4 billion yuan, and I hope to answer with my own experience. Aokang leather shoes are really of average quality. I bought a pair of leather shoes from Aokang exclusive store in Pinsheng Road, Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai. Don't listen to others' hearsay.

Aokang is a domestic leather shoes brand. Most of the shoes produced by Aokang are affordable, popular and of ordinary material. However, this brand started with leather shoes. "What age is Aokang men's clothing suitable for?" 25 to 40 years old. Aokang Men's Wear focuses on maturity and business, and is most suitable for business people aged 25-40. Aokang Men's Wear is avant-garde and bold in fashion design without losing maturity and stability, which is a good brand for business people.

"How about Aokang men's clothing?" Aokang men's clothing is fashionable and versatile, with fashionable fabrics. It is comfortable and generous to wear, breathable and comfortable, with versatile styles. The fashion is consistent with the fashion style. Jingdong's clothing and underwear are of fine workmanship, soft fabrics, comfortable, breathable and decent to wear

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