Can you wear clothes with trace contact of peracetic acid for one day without cleaning

"Can you wear clothes with trace amount of peracetic acid for one day without cleaning" should be washed with clean water immediately, not for one day. If the human body and clothes are accidentally stained with peracetic acid disinfectant, wash them with clean water immediately, otherwise the skin will be burned and the clothes will be damaged. Soak the clothes and bedding with 0.04% peracetic acid, soak them for at least two hours, and then wash and dry them. Peracetic acid is corrosive and bleachable, so some articles and clothes must be washed immediately after disinfection.

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"After peracetic acid turns red clothes blue, how can they return to their original colors?" The newly contaminated peracetic acid can be removed by scrubbing with soap, washing powder and other detergents. Peracetic acid water stains that have been polluted for a long time can be soaked in oxalic acid solution, scrubbed, and then cleaned with detergent. Very effective

"What can be used to wash off the clothes with peracetic acid disinfectant?" Peracetic acid is a highly effective disinfectant with strong oxidation. If the clothes change color, they can't be washed off. They can only be smeared with pigments of the same color.

"How do you wash clothes with 84? How long do you want to soak? Will it hurt your body after washing and putting on?" Different clothes and different functions use different proportions. The proportion on 84 bottles is enough. It needs to soak for 30 minutes. After washing, it is fully dried in the sun. The chemical substances can be volatilized, which will not harm the human body

"What if I pour a lot of peracetic acid into my clothes?" The simplest way is to wash it with clean water. Peracetic acid is a highly effective disinfectant with strong oxidation. Easily soluble in water

"Do you still need to wash clothes after they have been disinfected with peracetic acid?". It is better not to use iron bottles, which may corrode materials.

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