I want to ask what the name of the clothes for riding a horse is

"What clothes do you wear on horseback?" 1. Wear a knight's uniform. The knightwear is a little like a tight casual suit, evolved from the hunting suit, and looks very gentlemanly. This dress must be worn during the obstacle course. Dark coat is the most common. As for the red knight suit, some equestrian organizations in some countries stipulate that only those who have won the national championship can wear it

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"I want to ask what is the name of the clothes for riding a horse." The clothes for riding a horse are called riding clothes. In addition, the ancient riding clothes were narrow sleeved, dark green short clothes, long boots and walking belts. Because narrow sleeves are good for galloping, short clothes and long boots are convenient for wading. Generally, riding clothes are designed according to the characteristics of related activities. Moreover, there are not many restrictions on riding clothes. Only in low temperatures, it is better to choose clothes made of outdoor professional materials, which are cold proof and breathable. Moreover, the length of the coat should cover the hips. It is inappropriate to be too tight or too loose. In winter, in addition to paying attention to sweating, you should also pay attention to warmth. You can wear sports sweat wicking underwear inside, woolen clothes or knitted clothes in the middle layer, and a coat with wind proof, waterproof and good breathability in the outer cover. For more information on the name of clothes for riding, go to: http://www.abcgonglue.com/ask/a6ffa51616091207.html?zd See more

"What's the name of a suit you wear when riding a horse"

"There is a clothing brand for riding horses" The clothing brand for riding horses is called polo, also called Paul in China, and its founder is Ralph Lauren. Polo is a clothing and luggage brand, commonly known as ralph lauren, which has a history of nearly 60 years. It belongs to the middle and high-end brand. It can be regarded as a luxury brand. Its style is meaningful and friendly. Although its clothes

"I want to ask what is the name of professional riding clothes?" The professional riding clothes are called chivalry clothes. The chivalry clothes are somewhat similar to the tight casual suits. Wearing them feels like a gentleman. The chivalry clothes are evolved from hunting clothes over a long period of time. There is a slight difference between men's knightwear and knightwear. Men usually wear lighter shirts and white ties inside the knightwear, while women

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