What are the brand options for joining in the fashion women's shoes?

"What are the common women's shoes brands in shopping malls?" 2. Aldo, a Canadian women's shoes brand, was founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun, with strong talent of aman. Aldo, as a medium and high-end brand, means Aldo when translated into Chinese. ALDO designers fly all over the world every year to find the most fashionable factors, and create with their own inspiration

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There are many good brands, but I know only two that can be recognized: Stephanie and Melissa. Their shoes are beautiful and fashionable. "What brands do franchise stores have?" Belle, one of the top ten women's shoes brands in China, has won a number of honorary titles. It has a good reputation in the market and a large number of loyal customers. Brand recommendation 5 for women's shoes: His or her TATA Tata women's shoes are fashionable, keep up with the trend of the times, integrate the most fashionable fashionable elements in the world, and supplemented by fashionable and chic

"What are the brand options for joining in the fashion women's shoes?" There is a new brand Qianxunhua women's shoes franchise store in Guangzhou, which is often seen in shopping

"What are the brands of women's shoes" and bring the most comfortable and fashionable women's shoes to China. 2. Tata Belle is a women's shoes brand, also known as Tata. His and her products are positioned as high-end fashion shoes for women, serving 34 year old white-collar women. He and she described the "tread" sound of leather shoes when they hit the ground, meaning thank you; It means the fast pace of the city and represents "grateful..."

"&# 160; What are the franchise agents of women's shoes brands?" Top 10 women's shoes: Belle, Daphne, City Lover, Tate and She, Saturday, L'Oreal, Tianmeiyi, Scarlett, Qianbaidu, Senda. About 200000 yuan. If the budget is not so much, you can consider the red coral women's shoes

"What are the brands of women's shoes association?" The brands of women's shoes association include: Danlu Women's Shoes, Bashman Women's Shoes, Swan Children's Shoes, Star Fashion Shoes, and Annastar. The associated brand will let you pay a quality guarantee deposit. Because there are so many goods to be delivered to you, you should ensure that they are guaranteed. In addition, the middle and high grades are better than the middle and low grades, especially younger ones. The joint venture needs enough capital to open a shop

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