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Who knows where there are large shoes selling women's shoes above 40 yards in Changsha

"Who knows where there are big shoes in Changsha that sell women's shoes over 40 yards" There is a shoe shop on Zhongshan Road called Wanyou Shoe Shop. There are great women's shoes. I have seen size 44. Even if there was no one at that time, he can purchase them for you. The price is particularly reasonable, the quality is good, and there are many styles. You can also let him customize the design for you. Go and have a look. I promise you will be satisfied

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"My feet are size 40 or 41. Can you share some large women's shoes stores?" 1. Helen Hall: Many women's shoe stores in large sizes recommended by many people have many styles, which are not artistic and sweet. They are more European, American and Korean. For example, there are many popular one button styles this year, with prices ranging from 50 to 150, and the largest number of sizes is 43. The quality is OK, the shoes are fashionable, very new, spring and autumn

"Do ordinary shoe stores sell women's shoes of size 40?" Yes! Although the size is relatively large, every shoe will have this size, because it is not extra large. Women's shoes 40 belong to normal large shoes! Unless you want this number to be bought by someone else

"Where can I buy beautiful large women's shoes in Changsha? Thank you!" I know that Golden Apple Shoes City has a big foot store, which is store 113. There are women's shoes in sizes 39 to 44. It seems that there are hundreds of styles, which are suitable for old, middle and young people, and the price is real. The service is also good. When you buy large shoes in Changsha, you can count the best style and the most complete variety. Those who suggest buying large shoes

"Where can we sell shoes in large size in Changsha?" On the second floor of the People's Shoe Industry in the pedestrian street, both large and small shoes are available.

"Where is a large women's shoe store in Changsha (about 42 yards)?" In fact, you can make an appointment with the store owner or directly Taobao. In general, there is only one pair of shoes in a shoe store with more than 40 or 35 of 34. New products may come into the market, but they haven't been sold for some time.

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