What is the largest size of Li Ning's women's shoes?

It seems that there is no 40

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Men's shoes minimum 40

"Hurry! The size of Li Ning's women's shoes." Not really. What do you think Fujian shoes are

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"Do you have Li Ning women's shoes in size 40?" The maximum size of women's shoes should be 39, and few shoes above 40. However, Li Ning's women's shoes used to have size 40, the same appearance as size 35-39, but the price would be a little expensive, because they are not women's shoes, but now I don't know, because I haven't bought them for a long time. The shoes of "Tianmeiyi" are too big. The shoes of size 39 are similar to the ordinary ones of size 40

"After seeing the women's sports shoes such as Li Ning Anta, the maximum size is 40, but they are all small. It is estimated that 41 is just right. Which brand of women's shoes has a large size, thank you very much." The maximum size of women's shoes is 40, and the largest size is men's clothing. Anta has some extra large shoes available in e-commerce, so you can have a look. In fact, some men's models are the same as women's models. I think men's models can be selected. It doesn't matter

"What is the largest size of Li Ning's women's shoes?" The larger size is smaller, especially the women's shoes~Ask carefully, there should be

The maximum size of women's shoes is 39 39, and the maximum size of women's shoes is 39. "The maximum size of Li Ning physical store is 44, and even 45 is rare.". Li Ning's biggest shoe size is 46. Shoe size, also known as shoe size, is a standard unit system used to measure the shape of human feet for matching shoes. In 2013, the shoe sizes adopted by countries around the world were different, but generally included two measurements: length and width. Length refers to the length of the wearer's foot

"What is the maximum size of Li Ning's women's cricket shoes?" In size, Li Ning has large women's shoes, but most of them are size 39. If you want to buy authentic products, you can go directly to this shop in my reference materials. This shop is an official Taobao Mall store run by Li Ning, and there will be no fakes. reference material: http://lining.mall.taobao.com/ ...

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